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Training for Japanese Teachers to introduce Japan throughout the World

JSL International College is a school for training “Advanced Skills for Teaching the Japanese Language”. JSL International College offers a Japanese Teacher training program with making use of our experiences since being established.
This course is 420 hours of curriculum that was approved by the Department of the Agency for Culture Affairs. The shortest course duration is 3 months and contains actual student teaching training in a Japanese Language Class; you will be able to learn overall knowledge and practical skills that are needed to become a Japanese teacher.

*This course meets the criteria for “necessary requirement for training and becoming Japanese teacher” approved by Department of the Agency for Culture Affairs. In order to work as a teacher in the Japanese language education center, the Ministry of Justice has notified, “It is a qualification for those that have completed over 420 hours of the Japanese teaching program and have a bachelor degree” since August 1, 2017.

Study fields

Study items

Social, Cultural, Regional World and Japan, Intercultural contact/Understanding, Intercultural education, History of Japanese education
Linguistic sociology Sociolinguistics, Contrastive linguistics, Intercultural communication
Psycholinguistics Teaching methods of foreign language
Language education Methods of instruction for beginner level, Methods of instruction for intermediate,
Preparing teaching material, Course design, Evaluation
General linguistics Grammar, Linguistic structure, Phonetics

Student teaching training

The curriculum includes preparation to pass the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. Also, there is study group for the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test right before taking the test to be better prepared.

Preparation for Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

We will often conduct student teaching training in this course. You can gain practical experiences as a Japanese teacher in an actual Japanese Language class by teaching and walking around to check on each student.
Understanding what you learned from previous classes through communicating with international students, and obtain skills which can only be found in the student teaching training environment.

Work Opportunities

Many Japanese teachers are certified from our course. Also, when we have available positions for Japanese teachers, we hire from those that have completed this course.

JSL International College

JSL International College is the school for students to flourish in the world with professional knowledge of language/Tourism. We offer an International Tourism Business Course and Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course. The International Tourism Business Course will teach general knowledge of business and protocol to understand multi cultures. Also, we explain basic Word/Excel skills and English proficiency in order to work in a global environment. The Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course will impart knowledge and skills to become a Japanese Teacher. We conduct student teaching training in the school to create experiences and practical skills.


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