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Make a first step toward Japanese Society

JSL supports students to work in Japan. We assist in finding jobs if their wish to work in Japan with necessary knowledge and manners. We fully assist to achieve student’s goal and give guidance with our experienced team.


  1. Teacher will talk with each student.
  2. Job fair within Japan.
  3. Offer information for companies’ application guidelines and assistance.
  4. Hold job fair and have interviews on our campus.
  5. Help students make resumes, job application form and self-analysis.
  6. Practice of interview and manners for job hunting.
  7. Prepare for TOEIC/TOEFL.
  8. Working visa support after an official job offer.

Individual Guidance

Teacher support students individually for job hunting in Japan. We share necessary information such as companies’ application and assist on how to make resume, job application form, and business manners for each student.

Job fair on campus

We invite companies for students to picture and feel with working in Japan. At the job fair, students can get the information of how to be an ideal person needed in the Japanese workforce, advice for job hunting, and practice interviews.

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