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About School

For long term course,
Okinawa: April (1 year), July (1 year and 9 months), October (1 year and 6 months), January (1 year and 3 months)
Tokyo: April (2 years), October (1 year and 6 months)
For short term course,Students can join anytime and the duration is up to 3 months.
It is possible based on Japanese proficiency.
However, there are conditions depending on each course.  Please contact the school office in advance.

Most of them are in their twenties, but as a whole, we have students of all ages.

There’s a placement test on the first day. We will decide which class is best based on their test results.

Yes. There is Wi-Fi at Okinawa and Tokyo campuses, which students can use.

About Living

Yes, Okinawa campus has the dormitory right next to the school building and room types are single, or shared by 2, 4, and 8 students. Dormitory fees are charged depending on the room type; please contact the school office in advance. Dormitories may be available by an affiliated third party at the Tokyo Campus.

Yes. Students can ask anything about living in Japan or plans after graduating JSL. Teachers will give you caring support.

Yes. For students who received permission from immigration at entry into Japan.
However, please be aware the limitation of working is a maximum of 28 hours per week.
There is more information on part-time jobs within the school notice board.
Tell the teacher first.
If students are not comfortable with Japanese, school staff may escort them to see a doctor.
Estimates include rent, food, and utilities:
Okinawa: 60,000 ~ 120,000 yen
Tokyo: 90,000 ~ 160,000 yen
*The above expenses are only an estimation. Please be well prepared.

About Admission

It will take about 6 months for a student visa application to be processed.  Please prepare in advance.
For more information on admission, please check the below link.
Admission Processing Link
Please call the phone number below or use our contact page.
Students must be 18 years or older for long term courses.
Please contact the school office for short term course.

Please feel free to contact us

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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