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Great support for each student

Based on our achievements and experiences, well trained teachers and advisors give warm guidance for each student to go to suitable University/College.


  1. Teachers will talk with each student about their plans and make a questionnaire.
  2. Offer information for Universities/College’s application guidelines and assistance.
  3. Hold advanced introduction sessions in our campus.
  4. Individual counseling by teachers and advisors (as many as needed).
  5. How to fill out application form and repeatedly practice for interview.
  6. Preparation of JLPT, EJU.
  7. Support for admission process and visa extension after accepted to school.

University/ college introduction sessions in our campus

JSL holds school introduction sessions by having teachers visit from Universities and Colleges every year. Students can get information of school features, advice of entrance examination and employment conditions after school which is needed for deciding which school to attend. Also, there’s a trial class conducted by Colleges at the session.


JSL has sent many students to different Universities and Colleges every year. We also provide recommendation by designated schools which will improve the chance of being accepted into Universities/Colleges.

Please feel free to contact us

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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