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Southern Urban Resort

Okinawa prefecture is the Southernmost and the westernmost district of Japan where it is well known as Resort Island from all over the world. There is subtropical climate, which is unique within Japan and comfortable to live with warm weather throughout the year, which is surrounded with beautiful ocean and great nature. These days, Okinawa is lively with developed commercial facilities due to the growth of the tourism business and it is the place for the Okinawa International Film Festival.

Town of the Sun-Urasoe

JSL Okinawa Campus is located in Urasoe City called “Town of Tedako (Child of the Sun)”. It is very easy to access from the center of Naha City and it only takes 10 minutes by car. There is a dormitory and cafeteria in Okinawa campus right next to the school building and students communicate with each other outside of the classroom.
There are convenience and grocery stores, a large home improvement center and restaurants in the neighborhood; it is great environment for daily life. Also, you can get to parks and beautiful beaches in 20 to 30 minutes by bicycle and enjoy diving or marine sports.

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JSL Okinawa

  • 〒901-2125
    1-1-1 JSL building, nakanishi, urasoe-city, Okinawa

  • 098-875-1456

  • 098-876-1457

  • 20 minutes from Naha Airport by car

  • 10 minutes from Furujima Station by car

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